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The Global Transit Innovations (GTI) program aims to discover innovative solutions and inspire positive change in transit planning through cutting-edge research and education. It connects leading researchers and educators in the field of transit planning across the globe. The program is dedicated to meeting society's persistent and complex challenges, including auto dependence, energy shortages, the environment, income inequality, and growing disparities in health and well-being.

依托于美国明尼苏达大学交通研究中心的全球公共交通创新项目 (Global Transit Innovations - GTI),是联系全球交通规划领域学科带头人和教育领军人才的重要桥梁。该项目旨在利用最前沿的研究和教育,积极应对公共交通规划中涌现的新问题,为公交系统的成长与转型提供坚实基础。与此同时,该项目致力于多方位探索创新型公共交通发展以应对一系列长期而复杂的社会问题,如汽车依赖,环境与能源危机,贫富分化,以及健康与福利差距的日益拉大等,从而推动可持续城市以及和谐社会发展。

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